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    There is not “one size fits all” approach to dealing with your thyroid problems. Simply taking thyroid hormones does not even begin to address the complexity of the deeper root of the problem.

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    Recovering Your Thyroid

    Do you suffer from thyroid?

    Do you continue to have symptoms of low thyroid despite taking your thyroid replacement hormones as prescribed?

    Does your doctor tell you that your labs are back in the “normal range” despite you continuing to feel some of the following?

    ● Fatigue
    ● Lethargy/sluggishness
    ● Inability to lose weight (even with exercise)
    ● Cold hands/feet
    ● Cold all over
    ● Hair loss
    ● Insomnia
    ● Hot flashes/night sweats
    ● Constipation
    ● Depression
    ● Mood swings
    ● Nervousness
    ● Morning headaches
    ● Weight gain
    ● Eyebrow thinning (especially the outer third)
    ● Dry skin
    ● Brain fog
    ● Heart palpitations
    ● Lack of motivation

    Are you tired of having these complaints dismissed as something other than your thyroid? Are you sick and tired of feeling sick and tired?

    Replacing the absent thyroid hormone is addressing only the tip of the iceberg. In many cases, thyroid hormone replacement is absolutely necessary, but it fails to address the underlying cause of the problem!

    At East Wind Healthcare, we have learned we need to address the immune system if we want to get a thyroid problem under control.

    With this in mind, we have incorporated everything we know about ancient and modern medicine including functional blood chemistry, functional endocrinology, nutrition concepts, and modern immunology to help our patients in a new way.
    We incorporate acupuncture, herbs, dietary supplements, exercise, and sleep strategies that regulate hormones, modulate the immune system, support the thyroid, and create balance in the body.
    Most thyroid sufferers today will be treated with thyroid hormone replacement and their immune system will never be addressed. In fact, most doctors consider anything that falls outside of “traditional medicine” as unscientific and therefore ineffective.

    They fail to see how diet, digestive function, dietary supplementation, herbs, and lifestyle changes can bring any improvements in the function of their thyroid patients.

    The real question of why they became hypothyroid is never addressed. Once the thyroid-stimulating hormones are stabilized, the patient is considered “properly managed” and any remaining symptoms are attributed to something else.

    We view thyroid sufferers from a different perspective. Our approach is unlike any other because we understand this disorder from multiple perspectives and because we look at the whole person.

    During your initial consultation and case review, we provide:

    1. A one-on-one consultation to discuss your problems and concerns
    2. A complete case history and health questionnaire
    3. A dietary and nutrition evaluation
    4. A complete analysis of dietary habits
    5. We will also review your medical history and any labs you bring along.

    We begin with a comprehensive thyroid panel including antibodies. This will give us an indication of how well the thyroid is producing hormones as well as how well the feedback loop is working and whether the liver and gut are effectively converting your thyroid hormones (T4 to T3). In addition, the antibodies will show us if your case is autoimmune and how actively your immune system is attacking your thyroid. There are upwards of 20 different thyroid patterns, and we need to be sure we know what we are treating.

    Then, we run laboratory panels that look at all the related systems such as blood sugar disorders (insulin is a very important hormone), hormonal imbalances (like estrogen and testosterone), adrenal function (cortisol is the “stress hormone”), anemia and any other patterns that might be present. We go over these in detail to be sure we see the big picture and don’t miss anything specific to your case as we are treating you as a whole person, and we need to find those things that have been completely ignored.

    There is not “one size fits all” approach to dealing with your thyroid problems. Simply taking thyroid hormones does not even begin to address the complexity of the deeper root of the problem, which is why so many patients spend the rest of their life feeling “crappy!”

    Rest assured, we are on your side. Our job is to work with you, to help you improve your condition. We deal with all of the specifics of your case, listen to you and work with you to make all of the functional changes needed.

    If your honest answer is that you cannot afford to wait any longer, then it is time to act.

    Your main concern should be getting well and feeling better again. You will be spending the rest of your life in this body, so let’s get your energy back and get rid of depression, weight gain and hair loss. The smartest choice you can make is to get to the root of the problem rather than “passed through” the medical system with a treatment that only gets the very tip of the iceberg while the iceberg itself grows ever bigger just below the surface.

    Ask yourself if you can afford to NOT get tested, continuing to live like you are as the iceberg grows bigger day by day, month by month, and year by year. If your honest answer is that you cannot afford to wait any longer, then it is time to act.

    Acupuncture is a huge part of our treatment

    Acupuncture is a huge part of our treatment because it impacts the body on so many different fronts. It helps reduce excess cortisol and improve the stress response. It balances hormones and facilitates all aspects of body function. Chinese herbs and dietary supplements are also used to address deficiencies and help restore flow and balance.

    Lifestyle also matters at East Wind. Our focus on individualized dietary plans, getting proper sleep and stress management.

    Most importantly, we empower YOU by showing you the underlying concepts of a healthy individual. Our health care team will help you understand health strategies so, together, we can make a positive impact on your health.
    Our patients feel the difference right away!



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