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The healthcare system as a whole aims to prolong life, by stabilizing conditions. Typically being in a stable condition is less than fully functional which results in poor quality of life. When we complain about the poor quality of life, our complaints are attributed to the aging process. Science is just beginning to show that biological age is less a result of years than it is malfunction.

At East Wind, our team of integrated lifestyle medicine specialists helps our patients find the right treatment plan to optimize their health and keep them going strong as they enter their later years. We use state-of-the-art testing methods to analyze nutrition, immune function, hormones, stress levels, gut health, cardiovascular health, genetics, neurological function, and inflammation. With this wealth of information, we design a holistic lifestyle plan that comprehensively addresses all aspects of an individual’s health. This way, we ensure that patients can achieve and maintain their ideal quality of life.

Our lifestyle optimization treatments include acupuncture, herbal medicine, functional nutrition counseling, gut healing, and holistic hormone management. We continue testing on a regular basis to evaluate the impact of our treatment plans and make adjustments as needed.

A Functional Approach to Lasting Health

Living a healthy, balanced lifestyle can seem impossible, especially for those with multiple chronic conditions. But that’s what our team at East Wind is here for! We want to help you get your life back on track and stay healthy for years to come. The key is implementing functional changes that work for you and using non-invasive treatments to promote effective healing. We are highly selective in the treatments we offer our patients. The East Wind approach to lifestyle medicine rules out any care options that involve lengthy recovery times, long-term side effects, or significantly disrupt existing treatment plans. To us, the greatest asset is evidence-based lifestyle changes that reduce pain and prevent chronic disorders before they occur. This approach has also been highly impactful for patients who come to us with a history of debilitating symptoms and pain.

A critical part of lifestyle medicine is the ability to adjust as health needs change with age. This is where uncovering and treating root causes comes in. We’ve seen time and time again that simply resolving symptoms fails to produce favorable results. When triggers like systemic inflammation or an autoimmune response are let to run rampant for years or even decades, patients are left with a body that slowly decreases in function.

Throughout each stage of life, the East Wind team constantly reevaluates our treatment plans to make sure our patients receive the most targeted and powerful care possible. Our mission is to help each patient find long-lasting health and a greater satisfaction with life.

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