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Hippocrates said, “All disease begins in the gut.” Likewise in Traditional Chinese Medicine, Li Dong-yuan’s “Pi Wei Lun” (Treatise of Spleen and Stomach) suggests the same idea. In modern times we know, the digestive system is not just responsible for breaking down and absorbing nutrients from our food. In fact, the gut is commonly referred to as our “second brain”, and we should be treating it as such. The source of many chronic conditions can be found in the gut, where poor diet and lifestyle choices create systemic inflammation and trigger a self-directed immune response. It’s no wonder that one of the first steps to healing for most diseases is making changes to improve gut health. Without a balanced gut, countless patients will continue to struggle with chronic pain, autoimmunity, mental and emotional challenges, infertility, heart disease, diabetes, and even cancer.

Where Gut Health Can Go Wrong

Your gut consists of your stomach, small intestine, and large intestine. Your stomach is where digestion begins, the small intestine absorbs nutrients from broken down food particles, and the large intestine reabsorbs water as stool exits the body.

Your stomach acid is key for activating digestive enzymes and killing pathogens trapped by the mucus in your respiratory system. Imbalanced acid levels can send food to the small intestine that has not been broken down enough. This, in addition to stress, poor microbiome, poor diet, drugs, toxins, and other lifestyle factors causes the small intestine to become inflamed and painful. Unfortunately, one of the most commonly used drugs is designed to reduce the production of stomach acid. That will eliminate symptoms, but typically at the expense of making the underlying problem even worse.

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The East Wind Approach

We see the gut as one system with many integrated parts. When one structure is malfunctioning, we can safely assume that at least one other structure is experiencing an imbalance. Additionally, the gut has a strong influence over many other parts of the body. That’s why so many digestive issues are coupled with a host of painful and debilitating conditions.

At East Wind, we begin with an array of tests to single out the affected organs, and then we take a step back to see how a myriad of factors is contributing to the sustained inflammation and pain. We help our patients remove the offending substances in order to restore healthy microbiomes, heal the gut wall, and help fully break down food into digestible particles.

With individualized testing and care plans, we’ve helped countless patients find relief from life-altering digestive issues, which, in turn, led to massive improvements in other conditions and an overall better quality of life.

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