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    Pain Relief

    Pain can be debilitating and distracting. It can totally disrupt your ability to be productive and live a normal life! Our NUMBER ONE priority is to get you out of pain. Get started today.

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    Getting Rid Of Your Pain Today. 

    If you are experiencing pain, the moment you get to East Wind our Number 1 priority is to get you out of pain.
    Pain can be so debilitating and distracting. It can totally disrupt your ability to be productive and live a normal life!
    If you are living with pain, acupuncture is a great place to start, as it has a long history and is highly effective in the relief of both acute and chronic pain.

    Acupuncture Stimulates Natural Pain Killers

    By strategically inserting very fine needles into “neural nodes” (known as jie in Chinese medicine), the body’s nervous system is activated both centrally and peripherally. The body releases its natural pain killers, including endorphins and enkephalins.
    In addition, acupuncture causes your blood vessels to dilate in strategic areas, which opens the blood flow. It is this increase in circulation that allows the body to deliver hormones, immune cells, and other healing substances to the areas that need help. It is through these mechanisms that the body heals itself.

    Acupuncture & Chinese Herbs 

    The combination of acupuncture and Chinese herbs is synergistic and goes a long way in bringing a pain problem under control.
    There are several Chinese herbs that are useful for pain. Some are taken orally, like:

    Yan Hu Suo (corydalis)
    Mo Yao (myrrh)
    Ru Xiong (frankincense)
    Bai Shao (white peony)
    Sheng Ma (cimicifuga)

    These are quite useful for certain types of pain and are usually used within formulas. Some other herbs are specific to pain in certain areas of the body and certain types of stagnation. Pain can have a hot nature or cold nature, and different herbs are used in each instance.

    Healing Is A Synergistic Process

    Interestingly, in order for the body to heal itself, Chinese medicine holds that there must be balance, nutritive support, and, most of all, flow for pain to be corrected.
    If the back is to be corrected, we must get the flow of blood and vital substances to the injured area.
    Additionally, the kidneys need to be supported, as these are the organs that provide energy to the back, as well as the knees and legs. It also controls urination and defecation and sexual function. Without supporting the kidneys, the treatment of the injured area of the back is superficial and incomplete.

    Acupuncture is a huge part of our treatment

    Acupuncture is a huge part of our treatment because it impacts the body on so many different fronts. It helps reduce excess cortisol and improve the stress response. It balances hormones and facilitates all aspects of body function. Chinese herbs and dietary supplements are also used to address deficiencies and help restore flow and balance.

    Lifestyle also matters at East Wind. Our focus on individualized dietary plans, getting proper sleep and stress management.

    Most importantly, we empower YOU by showing you the underlying concepts of a healthy individual. Our health care team will help you understand health strategies so, together, we can make a positive impact on your health.
    Our patients feel the difference right away!



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