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    About us

    Experience the results of the latest technology combined with the ancient wisdom of Chinese medicine and acupuncture.

    $287 $87 initial consultation


    Who are we?

    We are the ones who know what it feels like to be overwhelmed and frustrated, trying so many different medical treatments that simply don’t work for your body.

    You’ve likely wondered … is there any health treatment out there that will help me be the person I want to be?

    We see history repeating itself with every new patient who comes through our door.
    They share the same old story:

    “I’ve tried so many different things for so long and still can’t find the right medical team … or treatment … or even just an answer to my health problem.”

    And here is what we tell them:

    “It’s more than time to stop spending money on healthcare treatments that don’t work!”

    About Mike & his Team

    Everyone here at East Wind Healthcare simply gets it! This is the No. 1 challenge for our patients. And, after 20 years in business, we’ve seen a lot.

    In the last two decades, we’ve helped thousands of patients just like you overcome their health challenges and experience full body function.

    What’s your health challenge?

    Our team is committed to helping you with whatever health challenge your body is experiencing so you can stop feeling held back in life and be the mother, the father, the energetic grandparent, the golfer, or whoever you are aspiring to be.

    Stop the Pain

    Get Pregnant

    Be Active

    Reverse Chronic Condition

    “Mike custom-mixed some Chinese herbs for my pain, but I didn’t take them because the acupuncture took care of my pain. After 10 years on nerve medication, my dosage is finally decreased! I am a firm believer and will continue coming for my treatments. I feel like living life again, and I have hope!”

    Kristin D.

    “I’ve had headaches for as long as I can remember. This spring I started to have back pain, and I also suffer from shoulder pain. … Acupuncture is nothing to be afraid of. You can’t even feel the needles being put in, and the process is very relaxing. I feel like myself again and have definitely been taking fewer medications for pain.”


    “I just wanted to drop you a note to say thank you so much! I had an appointment with my primary care doctor today. My fasting blood sugar is 96! That is the first time in the last three years that it has been under 100!  And I am getting close to that 200-pound weight milestone. I learned so much working with you and your team. I can’t thank you enough!


    There is no secret sauce. Really!

    Our medical approach is this: Overlook nothing. No matter how small it is. Combine that approach with the latest technology and cutting-edge acupuncture. Our treatment is based on the most advanced functional-medicine principles.


    Don’t settle for the status quo when it comes to your health.

    $287 $87 initial consultation

    Your body should not hold
    you back from the life you want!

    The $287 $87 initial consultation will get you started on the path to optimal health.

    It all started 40 years ago – Meet Mike

    Our founder, Mike Buyze, has nearly 40 years of healthcare experience. He founded East Wind in 1998 as a private acupuncture practice. Now, three locations and growing, Mike has worked tirelessly to integrate acupuncture with functional Chinese medicine to create the successful medical practice that East Wind is today.

    3 Convenient Locations and Counting ...

    Get Knowledge Every Month

    Mike writes for Nature’s Pathways magazine about topics such as latest technologies and treatments, mindset, exercise, sleep, and nutrition.

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