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    What to Expect

    At East Wind Healthcare, our mission is your health. Our team is fully aligned and committed to you. Fill up the form if you have any questions or is ready to get started. 

    Functional Medicine At Its Finest!


    At East Wind, we take a team approach. You will meet with a concierge who is responsible for making sure that we completely understand the reason you are here and the services we offer are right for you.

    There are forms to complete, which should be done ahead of time to ensure an efficient visit. Also take a look at our section on insurance and payment.

    If you are coming to us for acupuncture, or if acupuncture is part of what you will be doing, a concierge will sit down with you and perform a brief interview and exam to collect information for the acupuncturist.

    Once we have the basic data collected, the acupuncturist will perform a brief examination including blood pressure, various temperatures, a Chinese pulse assessment, and a quick visual inspection, often including a look at the tongue. Each piece of information helps the acupuncturist determine the proper Chinese diagnosis, as well as the best location for acupuncture needles and the right Chinese herbs for your condition.

    Upon completion of the exam, your chart will be assembled, and we will bring you to a treatment room where you will sit or lie down in a way that allows the acupuncturist to have access to the area to be treated.

    Once you are comfortably positioned, the acupuncturist will insert several ultra-thin needles designed to influence the flow of vital substances in your body. Treatments can target muscles, joints, or even organs. Increasing that flow results in improved circulation to the target, allowing it to function better!

    There may be minor discomfort with the insertion of some of the needles. Typically, plucking your eyebrows is more painful than acupuncture. Any discomfort that you feel should be temporary and fleeting.

    Once the needles are in, you should feel a wave of relaxation coming over your body. You may feel sensations in different areas of your body. You should feel relaxed at this point and ready to slip into a meditative state for the next 30-40 minutes. The acupuncturist will dim the lights and play soft music as she/he exits your room.

    When your treatment is finished, the acupuncturist will return and remove the needles. This only takes a minute or two. When the acupuncturist gives you the “all clear,” you will slowly get up as you are likely to be very relaxed. When you are ready, you return to our reception area and set your follow-up appointments.

    Functional Medicine
    Although it has been gaining in popularity in recent years, functional medicine is still a term that is relatively unknown to the general public.

    Unlike the standard medical approach that seeks to “categorize” a problem by applying a diagnosis, which in turn determines what the treatment will be (i.e. which drugs will be used), functional medicine seeks to determine the underlying cause of a problem and correct it. While there are herbs, supplements and treatments involved, the key to functional medicine is correcting the underlying cause, often by modifying behavior and creating healthier habits.

    In our functional medicine program, we start with a consultation that is designed to help you identify the health goals you want to achieve and what is between you and that goal. A huge question that needs to be answered is “why?” (We ask that question a lot!) Your “why” will make or break your success.

    If your “why” is big enough, then “how” becomes a formality. (We are very good at “how;” you have to supply the “why.”) We spend an hour or so on this in your initial consultation. The paperwork you fill out ahead of time is designed to help you figure out your “why?” Taking your time with this paperwork is the first step in your process to better health. You have to have the “why” that drives you to succeed.

    While many people use our functional medicine and Chinese medicine programs to focus on particular health problems, it is also possible to use these services to promote overall wellness. We consider wellness as the ability to perform at a high level, especially to enjoy life to the fullest!

    We all could do better and be healthier! Wellness isn’t a destination; it is a process or journey. It involves repeated evaluation of where you are and development of strategies that will take you to the bigger and better future than the one you are destined for if you don’t change anything. You don’t have to be sick or have a diagnosis to benefit from working with us.

    Our wellness program proceeds just like our functional medicine program. Wellness is more like the maintenance that comes at the completion of any of our other programs and is where we would ultimately like to see you.

    Michael Buyze, our founder is on a continual journey of wellness. Read his story by clicking here.

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