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    Wellness: “the quality or state of being healthy in body and mind, especially as a result of deliberate effort” (Oxford Dictionary). And that is exactly what we help our patients achieve!

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    This is a misnomer as it is an illness care system

    Our Western medical system is often referred to as a healthcare system.

    The system will take care of you if you have a diagnosis (illness) that warrants being treated. Treatments are primarily drugs and surgeries. In many cases you are put on a drug that doesn’t cure your disease, rather it “manages your disease” by suppressing symptoms that are otherwise bothersome.

    The downside of this approach is that as time goes by, the disease is getting worse, and with the symptoms being suppressed, you don’t even realize it. It is only later on that you find out that by taking the drugs you were taking for all of those years, you avoided having to figure out the underlying problem and addressing it.

    But by not addressing it, it becomes too late to try many of the things that might have worked to actually fix the problem! Now it is late in the game and your options for treatment are becoming fewer and far less attractive. Is this happening to you?

    Create habits that eliminate the weaknesses

    Wellness, on the other hand, is “the quality or state of being healthy in body and mind, especially as a result of deliberate effort” (Oxford Dictionary). To be “well,” one must evaluate her/his present state of health, identify weaknesses, determine underlying causes of those weaknesses, and create habits that eliminate the weaknesses.

    For example, if you are not getting enough quality sleep, you need to evaluate how you are sleeping, identify problems, and take actions to correct the problem through improved habits. (And I will bet that you will not come up with “zolpidem (Ambien) deficiency” as being the underlying problem.)

    We offer comprehensive wellness programs at East Wind.

    You may find that “your brain just won’t turn off” and you keep thinking about things that stress you. What’s going on is that you haven’t found an effective way to “turn your brain off.” Turning your brain off requires a change in habits. When you find the right combination of habits, your brain will “turn off,” and your sleep problem won’t be a problem anymore.

    Our programs involve three very important “T’s,” including correct TESTING, safe and effective TREATMENT, and TEACHING or coaching.

    We look at things through a “wellness lens” rather than an “illness lens.”

    We are not looking for disease; we are looking for tendencies that need to be corrected. We test using comprehensive blood labs as well as stool and saliva. We also use traditional Chinese methods of diagnosing. We treat with acupuncture, herbs and supplements, detoxifications strategies, dietary therapy, and lifestyle (habit) adjustments.

    We focus on what we consider to be the five pillars of health including:

    ● Digestive Health And Detoxification
    ● Nutrition
    ● Hormones
    ● Exercise
    ● Brain Health

    We “coach” you by working with you to develop strategies that are unique to your individual goals and lifestyle.

    Ultimately, we want you to learn how to identify problems and come up with ways of solving those problems … because health is a process, not an endpoint.

    Some people have chronic illnesses that require medication to be handled properly. This doesn’t mean you don’t qualify for our wellness programs. It just means that the development of strategies and solutions is a bit more complex.

    For those cases, we have a network of like-minded health providers including doctors, nurse practitioners, nurses, physical therapists, personal trainers, health coaches, compounding pharmacists, and more who are available to consult on your case and develop a strategy that is right for you!

    Acupuncture is a huge part of our treatment

    Acupuncture is a huge part of our treatment because it impacts the body on so many different fronts. It helps reduce excess cortisol and improve the stress response. It balances hormones and facilitates all aspects of body function. Chinese herbs and dietary supplements are also used to address deficiencies and help restore flow and balance.

    Lifestyle also matters at East Wind. Our focus on individualized dietary plans, getting proper sleep and stress management.

    Most importantly, we empower YOU by showing you the underlying concepts of a healthy individual. Our health care team will help you understand health strategies so, together, we can make a positive impact on your health.
    Our patients feel the difference right away!



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