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    Discover The Benefits Of Functional Medicine

    Our functional medical approach gets to the root of your problems and utilizes natural therapies whenever possible to effectively treat those problems. We want you to be well and function at a high level!

    We utilize a team approach that includes acupuncture, traditional Chinese herbal medicine, functional medicine, vitamins, supplements, dietary adjustments, lifestyle coaching, proper exercise, optimal sleep, stress management, and correct thinking.

    You will receive a program that is customized and individually tailored to optimize your results.

    Thyroid Treatment

    Tired of being told there’s nothing wrong with you? Your labs are normal, and that’s enough for your doctor. But not you. You know there must be a root cause for your symptoms: lethargy, weight gain, hair loss. We’re with you! We know there is more to the story than just thyroid hormone replacement. Let us discover what’s causing your imbalance!

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    Natural Fertility Treatment

    Your heart breaks every time a friend tells you her good news. You’re happy for her, but, seriously, why can’t you get pregnant? Our healthcare team will work with you to get you healthy and to discover what’s going on in your body. Together, we’ll find a solution so you can finally tell the world your good news!

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    Wellness / Longevity

    Just because you’re getting older doesn’t mean you can’t feel great! We understand your struggle and can offer you a higher level of function … no matter what age you are. Play golf. Go biking. Run around with the grandkids. Do what you want to do. Simply enjoy life!

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    Chronic Pain

    You’re not sure which is worse: the pain or the chemicals you put in your body trying to get rid of the pain. What if we told you there is an alternative? What if we told you we have proven options that will get rid you of pain using only natural methods? Go ahead, call our bluff!

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    Arthritis & Joints

    It’s not going away, so you might as well just learn to live with the pain of arthritis, right? We say, “No way!” We think it’s high time for you to live without those nagging aches in your joints. We will get you out of pain, and then will formulate a plan that keeps you out of pain!

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    Weight Loss

    Diet. Exercise. Repeat. Still fat. We know the feeling. No matter what you try, that “spare tire” just won’t go away. Isn’t it time you tried a weight loss plan formulated for your body? One that finally kickstarts your metabolism?   Give us a try!

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    You’ve given traditional medicine a chance to help you feel better. But, for whatever reason, it just hasn’t given you the results you’re looking for. Maybe it’s time to look into what else is out there, like the time-proven practice of acupuncture, an ancient treatment discipline that can “reboot and reset” all of your functions. You can feel better!

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