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    So You’ve Reached The Point in Life

    So you’ve reached the point in life where you want to start a family. Congratulations on your accomplishments to get to this point! You’ve truly done well! But now you find that getting pregnant is more challenging than you ever imagined.

    You’ve probably had conversations with your medical providers and maybe you’ve tried a couple of rounds of drugs to get things going. But it hasn’t worked. Maybe you’ve even discussed (or tried) intrauterine insemination, but still no luck.

    When In Vitro Just Doesn’t Feel Right…

    Getting to the point of taking a serious look at or even just thinking about in vitro fertilization can be a very sobering and discouraging experience as you learn about the odds of success and the cost, which can easily exceed $20,000 not including incidentals!

    While you desperately want to start your family, something just doesn’t feel quite right about forcing your body to do things that should be natural, right? Deep down there is a feeling that your body should be able to do this without being forced. This approach is really expensive. And, do we really know about the long-term health and well-being of the babies born this way? Are they somehow predisposed to problems that babies conceived naturally don’t have? The experts tell you not to worry about that, but, still, if it were possible to do this naturally, that would certainly be preferable!

    Are Your Body Functions In Check? 

    If you’ve had these or similar thoughts, we think you’re right! At East Wind, we believe in the value of doing things naturally. It is our purpose to help people function at the highest possible level using natural methods.

    If you are struggling with fertility, it is a sign that your body is not functioning properly. Conception, pregnancy, and childbirth require a delicate balance in human function especially as it relates to sex hormones, but it goes much deeper than that. Our sex hormones are part of an overall hormonal landscape driven by our endocrine system.

    If Your Hormones are “off”

    If your hormones are “off” it is a sign of a deeper malfunction. Other hormones, including thyroid, cortisol, and insulin, play prominent roles in overall metabolic function and thereby greatly influence levels of estrogen, progesterone, testosterone, prolactin, and other sex hormones. This all gets even more complex because it is not just your body we are talking about, but your partner’s body as well!

    At East Wind, we take a comprehensive approach to your fertility. We begin with the correct tests. We use tests that help us guide lifestyle decisions rather than tests to “diagnosis” a disease. First, we like to look at your hormones, because hormones are intimately connected. We look first at cortisol (the “stress” hormone), as well as your sex and thyroid hormones. We examine your insulin and sugar metabolism as it can strongly influence fertility. Next, we look at inflammatory and immune markers which would show up in allergies or sensitivities. We look at gut function (especially leaking gut) as it relates to autoimmune problems, which are increasingly common, especially in women in recent years. We look at both macro and micronutrients for deficiencies and balance going well beyond the idea of “just take a good prenatal vitamin and you’ll be good to go.”

    Acupuncture is a huge part of our treatment

    Acupuncture is a huge part of our treatment because it impacts the body on so many different fronts. It helps reduce excess cortisol and improve the stress response. It balances hormones and facilitates all aspects of body function. Chinese herbs and dietary supplements are also used to address deficiencies and help restore flow and balance.

    Lifestyle also matters at East Wind. Our focus on individualized dietary plans, getting proper sleep and stress management.

    Most importantly, we empower YOU by showing you the underlying concepts of a healthy individual. Our health care team will help you understand health strategies so, together, we can make a positive impact on your health.
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